Himalayan Bath Salt Bulk & Wholesale

Salz Impex offers variety of superior quality bulk & wholesale pink bath salt products that includes Himalayan bath soaps, pink salt granules, salt balls, crystal salt granules in different shapes and sizes. We also offer wholesale Himalayan crystal salt chunks in highest quality, sourced from Khewra Salt mines, one of the largest salt mines in the world.  Why choosing artificial bath salts when you can have Himalayan Pink Bath salt that is pure and have tons of health and skin benefits. One just need to add some Pink Himalayan bath salt to their bath water and let the magic begins. When dissolved in water, pink bath salt becomes a powerful detoxifier that helps to extracts noxious out from your skin and tissues. One can go for pink salt granules to add it in their bath water or can choose salt deodorant stick for re-energizing and purifying your body.Turn to healthy lifestyle by picking these natural, chemical free Himalayan Bath Salt products by Salz Impex.

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